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GLAIVE v2 is a rules toolkit for running old-school fantasy RPGs, created by Scott Wegener

The rules support an adventure role-playing game in which characters raid mysterious structures in order to increase their fortunes. Exploration and wondrous discovery are central themes. 

Only the foolhardy or desperate seek their fortunes in the dark mazes of the mythical underworld. Dirtbag tomb-robbers, scheming adventurers, and magic-addled wizards. Which are you? 

Tables reproduced herein are done so in accordance with the Knave and Tunnel Goons Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The map on page 12 is from Dyson Logo’s Commercial Maps collection released under a free, royalty-free, commercial license.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Is there another way of paying for the game, unfortunately paypal doesnt work for me?

Not that I know of :(

May i ask: What is the difference between this and RELIC? Is there a version you prefer, or consider the definitive version?

GLAIVE is a classless system. RELIC uses class templates to build characters.

really just depends which style of play you like better. GLAIVE is probably a bit more polished than RELIC at this point since I tinker with it more


Heya! Very interested in this game. Any chance for more community copies? I'm from Argentina where our cost of living is relatively low so 5.00 USD take an important chunk of my salary :(


Just added some more!

Already owned it, bought it again, I’m a fan.  Waiting for a possible return to podcasting for the Lonely Adventurer.

Why did you buy it again!?!  :D

I really hope to start the podcast back up. It will be late Sept before I can really think about it though


Hello. Is there any difference to the one published under tesladyne?


No, it's the same game. I was running into issues generating download keys from the other account, so I've reposted it here. 

If you backed the home Kickstarter, or purchased GLAIVE from Tesladyne you will receive a key (once Itch approves my mass email request) so that you get notified of any updates

Hi there! Has that mass email gone out yet? I just want to make sure it didn’t wind up in my spam folder.

(I previously purchased the GLAIVEv2 (tesladyne) version.)


You should have gotten an email via Kickstarter with a new download key (from this page) that allows you to add GLAIVE v2 to your library.

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Oh! I didn’t back the Kickstarter, I purchased GLAIVE from the Tesladyne account here on Itch: https://tesladyne.itch.io/glaive

(Sorry, I may have misunderstood. :D)


Oh, haha!

The Kickstarter folks were having trouble adding the game to their libraries - thus the need for download keys for them.

I update the files on both pages though, so any changes get added to both and (I believe) Itch sends out a little notice.