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YALOON is a sandbox adventure module containing 11 dungeons, quests, and other calls to adventure. 

When Over-Queen Bhupati still lived, support from the central government allowed for roads to be constructed, maintained, and patrolled. Valuable resources flowed from the region. New settlements turned temperate rainforests into productive farmland. But that was many turns of the Wheel ago.

Today the land between the Saffron Canal and the Khazad Kush is a backwater wilderness, only linked to the self-governing polity of Yalook Prefecture on crumbling maps. Old alliances with the indigenous elves are forgotten. The dwarves - long struggling in this region - seek new homelands elsewhere. Goblins multiply in their dank burrows. 

Into this land flee the losing side of a peasant rebellion, pursued by the determined forces of our off-screen noble. The rebels are agile and adaptable. The rajik’s myrmidon warriors are efficient and well-trained but survive at the end of a tenuous supply chain.

Meanwhile, the other factions and powers in the region continue pursuing their own goals.

This zine was created thanks to the generous backers of the HOME: a Light in The Darkness Kickstarter. HOME is a GM toolkit for creating a small hex map full of opportunities for adventure. YALOON was written using that toolkit.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I'm a bit confused on HD. 

1 Hd = 5 HP, right?

But sometimes the math doesn't add up. Like 2HD+1 won't be 11. What am I missing?

Usually not my neck of the woods, but this is lovely stuff! Is the header image on https://lonely-adventurer.itch.io/ connected to Yaloon? Did you post the image in full somewhere?

Yaloon exists in a corner of that fantasy O'Neill Cylinder I used as a header image.  :) It's my home game's campaign world.

I've posted it to Discord and Twitter in the past.